The temptation can be extremely high to rent a small carpet cleaner from your neighborhood store but this equipment tends to be much less effective than the professional tools available to a certified professional carpet cleaning company in Fishers IN.  Without the proper training and education, a homeowner may create a bigger problem when trying to remove a stain with a rental. For example, if too much water is left behind during the hot water extraction process, it can provide a hotspot for molds and other microbes to flourish and if the stain has penetrated into the padding eventually it will rise back up if not treated correctly.

Our technicians are specially trained by the IICRC so they can handle any job. The IICRC provides professionals with the most up to date practices and knowledge relevant to the industry and we take advantage of all the latest knowledge. While attaining certification, our technicians are also introduced to the best equipment available, so most IICRC-certified firms have cutting edge technology and methods on their side.

Simply put…If you want to avoid headaches and budgeting more finances later down the line its always best to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Fishers IN