To extend the life of carpeting and keep it smelling fresh and looking brand new, professional carpet cleaning companies will often use a carpet extractor to remove soil. But the biggest mystery to most people is exactly how does this process work? Well we are here to explain how. A cleaning solution is injected into the fibers through a wand. The solution then adheres to the dirt and soil in carpet/upholstery, and the use of pressure and suction brings the soil to the surface of fibers.  The truck mount or portable unit then extracts the remaining water, solution and dirt. Professional carpet cleaning companies use a carpet extractor in conjunction with other methods for the most effective results.

Dry extraction is a method in which a dry solution is used on the affected carpet areas. The solution brings the dirt to the surface and then is removed through vacuuming.

Dry foam cleaning involves adding a foam detergent to the affected areas. The foam is worked into the carpet fibers and is then extracted, trapping the dirt in the foam. This is also known as encapsulation carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, uses different rations of water and cleansing agents. Sometimes the carpet is preconditioned and then a cleaning wand applies the solution using high pressure to remove hard to reach dirt. The cleaning equipment then removes the water, solution mixture and the dirt.

Any of these methods can be beneficial to the carpet cleaning professional because they all produce effective and high-quality results.  It mainly depends on the cleaners preference. Using cleaning equipment with proper techniques and cleansing agents can extend the life of the carpet.