How many times a year should I get my carpets cleaned?

This is a question we are are asked many times a week by our customers and clients. Most carpet manufactuers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. The reason why is because consistent carpet cleaning will allow stains and soil to be removed before they penetrate the padding or damage the fibers. However there are many variables to consider when trying to guage how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. Below are a few

1.) How many people live in the home. 1-2 people living in the home you can get away with once a year.

2.) Are there any pets in the home. Pets release oil and dandruff which can create a light odor in the home. Depending on how well trained your pet is they can also leave behind pet stains also. Pet urine stays active for up to 7 years and can have a strong smell depending on how big the pet is and the saturation of the padding. Renting a small machine from the local store is never recommended because most of those machines lack the power of a truck mount which can extract more soil and urine from the fibers. When dealing with pet stains and odor always call a professional.

3.) Home owners expectations. At the end of the day it pretty much comes down to the homeowners expectations and budget. Some homeowners are ok with letting a few stains add up on the carpet before calling in a professional. Others are extremely anal and want there homes to always exude a clean image.

We recommend calling your local professional carpet cleaning company and having them visit your home. Once they have an understanding of your concerns and budget they will be able to create a specific plan of action taylor to your needs so that your home always exudes a positive image for you and guest.